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La Suite Skincare is Union Square Laser Dermatology’s prestige medical aesthetics offering, created by world-renowned aesthetician Rhea Souhleris Grous. La Suite customizes all facial services and products on a “face-by-face” basis, focusing on exactly what your complexion needs to be its personal best.

La Suite’s senior licensed medical aestheticians have trained for several decades in both medical offices and luxury spas to bring our clients the best of both worlds. We custom-tailor our medical facials to your skin’s needs and follow the same steps as a European spa facial—cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, and moisturizing—but on a deeper, more clinically effective level. Based on your skin’s needs, we may include enhancements such as:

• chemical peels or acid washes, to exfoliate damaged skin cells for new, healthy growth
• micro-current or biosonix ultrasound, for firming and lifting the skin
• derma-planing, for removing vellus hair and dead skin with a surgical scalpel
• micro-needling, for collagen and elastin induction
• light emitting diode therapy, to promote circulation, build new cellular structures, and produce oxygen radicals that kill bacteria
• microdermabrasion, for collagen and elastin induction, as well as exfoliation
• vitamin-infused medical oxygen therapy, to increase cellular turnover rate and reduce inflammation
• heated oxygen wraps, for the most comfortable and hygienic extractions
• negative pressure vacuum therapy to increase circulation
• custom masks, serums, and peptide boosters to address a variety of skin concerns
• post-laser treatments to soothe the skin and reduce redness

To provide the most effective and thorough treatment, our custom “Face Time” facials are 90 to 120 minutes. We welcome clients with time constraints to request a specific service from our service menu.

Medical facials and chemical peels are a safe and effective way of complementing dermatological treatments such as laser resurfacing or injectables. They help prepare your skin for the treatment and improve results post-treatment. Our dermatologists recommend Micro-dermabrasion ($200) before botox and filler and a Bounceback Facial ($250) post-laser to reduce redness and increase antioxidant penetration.

To schedule your Face Time, visit our online scheduler and select one of our four talented medical aestheticians.

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